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antivirus utility

1. AVZ-virus utility Oleg Zaytsev.

AVZ antivirus utility designed to detect and remove: 
  • SpyWare and AdWare modules - this is the main purpose of the utility
  • Dialer (Trojan.Dialer)
  • Trojans
  • BackDoor модулей
  • Network and mail worms
  • TrojanSpy, Trojan downloader, Trojan dropper
The utility is a direct analogue program TrojanHunter, and LavaSoft Ad-aware 6. The primary objective of the program is to remove SpyWare and Trojans. 
The features of utility AVZ (besides a standard signature scanner) is: 
  • Firmware Heuristic system check . 
  • Updated database files safe . 
  • Built-Rootkit detection system . 
  • The detector of keyloggers (Keylogger) and Trojan DLL .
  • Neyroanalizator . 
  • Built-in analyzer Winsock SPI / LSP settings . 
  • Built-in process manager, services and drivers .
  • Built-in utility for finding files on the disk . 
  • Built-in utility for searching data in the registry . 
  • Built-in analyzer open ports TCP / UDP .
  • Built-in analyzer shares 
  • Встроенный анализатор Downloaded Program Files (DPF) 
  • Firmware recovery . 
  • Heuristic deleting files . 
  • Check the archives. 
  • Testing and treatment streams NTFS. 
  • Control scripts. 
  • The analyzer processes. 
  • Система AVZGuard.
  • The system of direct access to the drive to work with locked files. 
  • Driver monitoring processes and drivers AVZPM . 
  • Драйвер Boot Cleaner

On your PC is equipped with a different antivirus, but you have doubts about its effectiveness?
With Dr.Web CureIt Utility! ® without installing Dr.Web on the system you can quickly check your computer and, in the case of detection of malware, to cure it. How to find out Is your computer infected?

  1. Download Dr.Web CureIt!, Saving utility on the hard drive.
  2. Run the saved file to execute (double click your left mouse button).
  3. Select the protection mode - normal or enhanced.
  4. Wait for the scan and examine the audit report. Need more proof?:)

3. Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool 2011

Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool 2011 - is a program for the treatment of the infected computer from viruses, Trojans and spyware, as well as any other malicious software. In his paper Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool uses efficient algorithms to detect malicious programs from the arsenal of Kaspersky Anti-Virus (eg, such as a full-featured anti-virus scanner technology for detecting vulnerabilities in applications and operating systems, scripting technology for the removal of complex and composite viruses), and can be used as a free antivirus.
4. Avira AntiVir Removal Tool
Avira AntiVir Removal Tool - a free tool to remove viruses, which can check your system for malicious software such as viruses, Trojans, backdoors, spyware and other without removing the installed antivirus software. Avira AntiVir Removal Tool does not require installation and has an interface with minimal settings so that the program can not be confused. Unfortunately, like all anti-virus tools software Avira AntiVir Removal Tool does not protect the system in real time. After treatment, the system must install a full antivirus, which can prevent infection

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