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1. avast! Free Antivirus

The most popular antivirus in the world: 180 million users, and their number is constantly growing. Free antivirus avast! Free Antivirus is often superior to the characteristics of the paid products of competitors and is the minimum necessary protection to protect against viruses and spyware. Free antivirus avast! Free Antivirus is often superior to the characteristics of the paid products of competitors and is the minimum necessary protection to protect against viruses and spyware.

  2. Avira AntiVir Personal - Free Antivirus
Free Antivirus Avira AntiVir Personal protects your computer against dangerous viruses, worms, Trojans and costly dialers. 

  3. Microsoft Security Essentials
On the Internet there are a lot of trouble unexpected guests who strive to penetrate the user's computer, including viruses, Trojans, worms and spyware. The program Microsoft Security Essentialshas received numerous awards for effective protection against this malicious software in the background. The result of the best minds in Microsoft Security Essentials is designed for individual users and small businesses. Nevertheless, it is based on the same technology that Microsoft uses to protect the huge organizations such decisions for security, as Microsoft Forefront , Malicious Software Removal Tool and Defender Windows . Over the tracking of new threats and developing ways to overcome them work the whole team . We are proud of the recognition that was our solution to security: it is a reward "VB100" from Virus Bulletin Ltd., Checkmark Certification from West Coast Labs and certification from ICSA Labs. It is easy to get, easy to use. Download and install Microsoft Security Essentials is simple, and it's completely free. After installing the software automatically updated every day. We continually monitor new threats and update the protection on their computers. In this case you do not need any action. The program Microsoft Security Essentials uses a green-yellow-redcolor-coded to indicate the state of computer security, and the color iconon the taskbar makes it possible at a glance whether you want your attention. It's simple: if the color green - all in order. Red or yellow iconMicrosoft Security Essentials warns of the threat, and recommendsfurther action (which can be performed directly in the notification area,without going into the application). Work in the background without affecting your computer's performance Microsoft Security Essentials quietly runs in the background. The user is notified only if you need to take special measures. If you're away from your computer or busy, Microsoft Security Essentials can do it for you.And you will be able to open the program later, if desired, to cancel theaction. Microsoft Security Essentials program is effective and compact.Scanning and updates are scheduled for times when not in use, butwhen you are working on it, the program does not interfere with itsperformance. All this means that Microsoft Security Essentials is compatible with any computer - old, new, laptops and netbooks. To install the Microsoft Security Essentials on a computer must be running a genuine copy of Windows 

 4. NANO AntiVirus

NANO AntiVirus provides reliable protection of your computer from any kinds of malware.
Our project is absolutely new and this is a reason why we took into consideration the user’s requirements concerning antiviral programs. The main user’s requirements are:

High speed, efficiency and usability

We use the cutting-edge technologies for development of our antivirus. It permitted to create high-performance and very fast product. The technologies of deep emulation permit to find complicated encrypted and polymorphous viruses. There was realized the powerful support of decompression facilities that makes possible to find packed and archived malware.
Our product is very useful. The resource optimization usage ensures the comfortable user’s work. The performance of frequent tasks is easy-to-use. You can check your computer or removable medium, start the express testing and update components of antiviral complex by one click.

You can create periodical tasks for testing and update.

NANO AntiVirus has ability to protect your system in real-time mode. Each time when you try to access to any file with turned on real-time protection, system will automatically scan that file.

The web-traffic scanner promptly checks all files which are downloaded from Internet. It prevents your PC from infection additionally.

The trusted area allows you to except some safe objects from testing for acceleration of scanning. Any suspicious and infected objects can be placed into quarantine folder for safe keeping and additional analysis.

There is the possibility to start testing in the name of other user account. It can be useful for system administrators to integrate NANO AntiVirus into the current infrastructure fast and efficiently.

Possibility to choose functionality of the program
The feature of NANO AntiVirus is possibility to choose the handy interface with required functionality. Light interfaces with optimal settings are intended for users who needn't in additional settings. More complex interfaces give the possibilities for tweaking. They are optimal for advanced users and IT-specialists. Anyway your computer is protected safely.

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